Arkanjo & Malu

Arknjo or Bruno Barreto is the one really supporting the Zouk community in Rio de Janeiro. Beside being a zouk instructor he is the main promoter. Always organising the best parties in Rio. He is the creator of "Flow Zouk", as its name say, it is a very soft way of dancing keeping always the flow of a movement. If you know about Neo Zouk you must know that a lot of "Flow" technique can be found there. And Mafie and Arknjo have always been influenced by each other. 

Malu is that partner that every dancer dream about. She managed to be Mafie partner and was the winner of "Zouk ABC" competition in São Paulo.

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Alex de Carvalho & Mathilde

Alex de Carvalho is called by many as Master. Not only because his is one of the pioneers in Zouk. But, by the way he organizes his methodology and how he shows it. He is the one to say thank you if you have seen new talents in the zouk scene, then also know as, the "stars maker". Last year he was acclaimed by popular vote as the best instructor at the Brazuka Dance Festival 2018. 

Mathilde is one of the most technical female dancer in the Zouk scene at the moment. Her ballet base gave her a very fast grown in Zouk. Her spins technique and hypnotizing head movements make any one fall in love.

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Renato Veronezi & Beata

Renato Veronezi came from the very known all over Brazil "Jaime Aroxa" dance school. He was the pioneer with the mixing zouk with "Urban dances" and brought to Zouk a very new style. 

Beata is a very talented dancer with a very musical feeling! Her technique

helped to be "The one" chosen by Renato to be his partner. 
They together are a "ZOUK BOMB"

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Ry'el & Jessica

They are one of the pioneers with Zouk in USA. Very talented and inspiring dancers. Ry'el took part at "Brazouka Dance show" and together with Jessica they spread zouk all over United States and mainly lead the Zouk Scene in New York. Their mixed in a very soft and beautiful way of RioZouk and Lambada in one dance has

made the world fall in love with them!

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Luciano & Sofie

Luciano is the typical Carioca style dancer. His feeling for simple but very tasty dance, brings to the community the point that Zouk is beautiful by it itself, with no tricks! He is the pioneer with Zouk in the Galicia region - Spain and the organizer of one of the oldest congresses in Europe. 

Sofie is the most Brazilian "gringa" ever. Her passion for the Brazilian culture pushed her to be the pioneer with Brazilian Zouk, Samba and many others Brazilian dances in Prague - Czech Republic. She was the organizer at the World wide known "Prague Zouk Congress" at its very beginning. 

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Carlos & Nastya

Carlos is a very talented dancer that came from the very respected "Alex de Carvalho" dance school. His methodology and energy are refreshing. 

Nastya is the pioneer with Zouk in St. Petersburg in Russia. Have been partner of Kamacho and others Brazilian artists. She is very technical and passionated. 

Watch them dancing is seeing the infinity possibilities that Zouk offers. 

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Wakko & Masha

They are the main instructors of the very successful Brazuka Dance School, teaching over 4000 students. 
Their very own dance methodology and philosophy is spreading over Russia since 2010, putting them in the position of "Zouk mentors" in the biggest country in the world. 
Specialists in head-movement and applying biomechanics technique in the dance, they are annually growing the zouk scene with very technical dancers in Moscow. 
They are also the hosts of Brazuka Dance Festival. 

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